L.O.V.E. Panel

May 17, 2013

NYU President’s Service Award

May 17, 2013

NYU President’s Service Award recognizes the distinguished achievements of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and student organizations for their promotion of learning, leadership, and quality of student life at NYU.    

Inspiring Young Latinas for Education

January 1, 2013

by Damaris Sanchez Hello. My name is Damaris Sanchez and I am a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University. I have known about the L.O.V.E program since I was a senior at NYU Steinhardt. I was a mentor in my spring semester, and from there I learned how to become a role model for…

Advancing Global Education in Austere Times

November 20, 2012

International Education Conference 2012 at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development Conference Program – Individual Panel Information

Clinton Global Initiative University 2012

November 20, 2012

Commitments to Action, a unique feature of the Clinton Global Initiative, translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results. Claudia was also an Honor Roll member at the 2017 CGI U: Claudia Espinosa (City University of New York) of Latinas on the Verge of Excellence (LOVE), a 2012 commitment to create a mentoring program for Latinas in…

Why Latinas on the Verge of Excellence?

November 20, 2012

by Madel Beaudouin In the beginning, I must admit I was quite unsure of this mentoring program. Well, not really. I was quite unsure of myself. Even though I’m very good at hiding it, the thought of public speaking subjects me to a sweat that induces mental panic attack, accompanied with uncontrollable leg shaking and…

Washington Square News: Graduate student works to spread L.O.V.E, empower Latina youth

April 27, 2012