L.O.V.E on Tiempo ABC7

October 25, 2015

Tiempo on October 25, 2015: Part 4

Live Interview on Acceso Total – Telemundo 47

July 9, 2015

COSMO for Latinas

July 9, 2015

At 20-years-old Claudia Espinosa came to NYC from Colombia in search for a better tomorrow, not knowing a life changing experience would completely change her career path. While studying for her Master’s in Public Administration at NYU, Claudia worked for a non-profit organization where she met some young Latinas who would change her life forever.…

Power Latina of the Week: The Adelante Movement

June 9, 2015

Success Story: Claudia Espinosa At 20, I left Colombia to start a new life. Although not my original plan, I moved to NY in 2000 to start a life on my own. I left behind my entire family. Sadly, I couldn’t travel due to legal processes and it took 7 years to visit Colombia. I…

NYer of the Week: Claudia Espinosa Runs Program That Mentors Young Hispanic Women

April 15, 2015

LEAD Conference at Harvard 2014: Inspiring Latinas to Dream and Achieve

December 14, 2014

The Latina Empowerment & Development Conference, also known as LEAD, is an annual conference hosted at Harvard College by Latinas Unidas. LEAD is about empowering Latinas and other minorities who plan on fulfilling leadership and other professional career-oriented paths. Since its inception in 2007, LEAD has brought together hundreds of college Latinas. For the first…

New York Minute Magazine: L.O.V.E – Practicing the Power of Love

June 2, 2014

High school is a precarious time for students. I’m sure you remember your own personal high school experiences – those moments when you realized the world out there was bigger and scarier than you had ever imagined. High school is a defining point for students, as it prepares them for the people they’ll be in…

LATINA MAGAZINE – Inspiring Latinas

June 2, 2014

L.O.V.E. on NBC Latino

June 30, 2013

Latina Leaders: Empowering young Latinas with L.O.V.E. mentoring Claudia Espinosa used to daydream of becoming an FBI agent when she was a teen in her native Cali, Colombia. At 20, she came to the U.S., by herself, to study forensic psychology at John Jay College in New York City in pursuit of that dream. However, 14…

NYU NIA Awards

May 17, 2013

The Nia (Swahili word meaning purpose) Awards are a long-standing tradition organized by the NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, a department in the Division of Students Affairs. The Nia Awards are an opportunity to recognize the achievements of members of the NYU community for promoting diversity and social justice in their work for…