Activities and Expectations

Program Activities

L.O.V.E. is a curriculum-based program that consists of three core components: personal empowerment, study skills, and college access. Each session has its own focus area and theme. Each mentoring session is a collective gathering of mentors and mentees, where participants engage in both group activities and one-to-one interactions, guided by a workshop. 

Program Expectations

L.O.V.E.'s mission is to support and empower young Latinas by giving them the skills to achieve their educational, personal, and future professional goals. The mentoring relationship offers a powerful opportunity for both mentor and mentee to learn and grow. In order to take full advantage of the benefits a mentoring relationship can offer mentors and mentees should consider the following:

  • Attendance at weekly meetings is crucial to developing a sense of familiarity and trust between mentee and mentor.
  • Make a commitment to creating a successful mentoring relationship. In other words, make the effort to use time spent together in a constructive manner.
  • Talk about goals and expectations. It is important that mentor and mentee understand what each other hopes to gain from this experience.
  • As a role model the mentors will guide mentees by providing assistance, suggestions, and feedback.  This may mean providing help for homework, college applications, or suggestions/feedback for long-term or short-term educational or personal goals.
  • Discussions should not be one-sided. Both mentor and mentee should be careful listeners and actively exercise open, respectful communication.
  • Discover shared interests, but be respectful of differences. Mentors and mentees may have different ideas about how to reach a goal or solve a problem. This is part of the shared learning experience and should be openly discussed.
  • Mutual respect is key. Mentors and mentees must make the effort to communicate clearly, honestly, and respectfully in spite of potential differing opinions so that ultimately they can learn from one another.